čtvrtek 28. ledna 2016

Undead Cossack - Gogol theme

Another mini, I guess it´s 54mm I´m not sure .. made of fimo and green stuff..

Sorry no SBS or WIP photos, it was done in couple of hours (during 3 days of heavy drinking, with Cesnak)

It is inspired by ilustration from Gogols story "Christmas Eve"

This master is for sale, if you´re interested, feel free to contact me.

More photos inside..

Cthulhu - Casted - Packet

Cthulhu was finally finished, sent to casting company. Few days earlier I´ve got info that it should be on it´s way to me .. So who is interested in copy of this elder god .. contact me on my mail

It will be limited to 50 pcs for now.

Photos inside (photos of the resin copy will follow)

Inuit Butcher

I gave away my Inuit mini to my friend Cesnak (Branislav Lukačovič), which did a very good job on it. He finished axe and painted this mini.. Aaaand made lot of copies .. so you can buy one if you want.

Contact him on Facebook through EMiC page or on his mail


středa 27. ledna 2016

Samsink interestink

Hodně věcí se událo .. něco zajímavého .. něco méně .. něco vůbec..

Něco zajímavého: Dvě mé bysty se prodávají u Ammon-Miniatures!

To není moc novinka.. Ale budiž


 A to je asi tak všechno zajímavé co se událo.. 


úterý 26. ledna 2016